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  • john

    I am planning on getting one 970, and I would like to do the animations that you do. How long do you think it will take to render it if i use my GPU. Also, my future rig is the same as yours except for GPU, Mobo, SSD, and cooling, because I am planning on air cooling

    • Hey John! What mobo and cooling are you planning on getting? A single 970 is great but if I were buying a computer now I’d probably get something different – what programs are you planning to use and which rendering engine?

      • john

        I was either going to use a Dark Rock Pro 3 or the Noctua NH-D15. The mobo will either be the Asus X99-A or the Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4, however, I am leaning more towards the Asus board. I will use Blender, Bullet Physics, and a Particle System on some of my animations. Also, I didn’t know I needed a rendering engine, because I thought that was already built into Blender

        • That sounds awesome. You’re right Blender does have a rendering engine, but there are other ones that you can add on for free like LuxRender which I really like. I’m just asking because currently AMD offer the best value in terms of rendering performance, but Nvidia works better with the built in Blender rendering.
          BTW are you from the UK or US?

          • john

            US, how about you.

          • I’m currently in the UK, in London. By the way I’ve added some links to the bottom of the “my rig” page to the parts I used. If you haven’t ordered your parts yet and you were going to buy from amazon, it’d help me generate some income for my site if you order through those links and it won’t cost you anything extra 🙂

          • john

            I will buy most of my products from Amazon, but some I will buy from a store called Micro Center because they sell a 5820K for $320 and a Gigabyte ga-x99-ud5 wifi for $220

          • OK awesome. Yeah I’ve heard great things – shame it’s on the other site of the atlantic for me :/

          • john

            Sorry, but can you explain to me how the Amazon links work? Also, thank you for making time to answer my questions.

          • No problem at all, let me know if you have any other questions. It’s called the Amazon Affiliate program, and you can google that for more specific information. But basically it’s a way for Amazon to say thank you for driving traffic to them – they give you part of the cut that they would have taken themselves for marketing the product, because you’ve done the marketing for them. Hope that makes sense.

  • Brendan Kennedy

    Big fan of the blog Moby. Keep it up!

  • Yash Patel

    I have problem with molecular script add on I use it with curve force but it crash.Please help. And how can i give
    my .blend file.

    • Moby

      Sorry Yash, the molecular script isn’t mine so I can’t help with technical things like this

    • Sorry man, I can’t help with something that technical because it’s not my script

  • Lego In Mind

    Hi Moby

    Just purchased your plugin physassisth
    Have tried using in 2.8 & 2,81 but it’s not working. have also tried it in old version 2.79 which it does work , but I’m someone that got into blender since version 2.8 so cant use it in 2.79 as I’m used to the way blender works in 2.8 onward.
    If you can give instructions to fix issue would be much appreciated.


    • Of course! Try blender 2.82 🙂

      • Lego In Mind

        Now have it working in 2.82.
        The issue I now have is that the towers are bouncing no matter the value I put into the solver iterations setting.

        • The best way I found around this, is to firstly increase solver iterations to minimize bouncing as much as possible. Then, wait until the bouncing has settled before doing anything like throw projectiles at the building. Unfortunately, the bouncing is a limitation of the blender bullet physics engine, and very difficult to eliminate completely. You can see it in some of my YouTube videos. Another tip would be to use shorter towers, which don’t suffer from this issue as much.

  • Dicky Liu

    Hello Moby!

    I just discovered your Youtube channel. As a beginner of Blender, I learned a lot from your tutorials. Recently I’ve tried your Water Feature, but I cant make it work somehow. I can’t see the water when I render it. I followed your video many times and even delete everything and tried again, but no luck. Do you have any idea why the water is not visible? Thanks!

  • You are awesome man !!! keep it up