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  • Annie

    Hello! here is a message for a very special request. I’m French, I’m a musician and I know your work by watching your videos on youtube. You probably heard about what happened in France, in Paris last Friday. I had an idea by watching your videos that I would like to talk about with you. Would it be possible to contact me? or to contact you in private? Thanks a lot! Best Regards, Annie from France

  • JDWhea

    Dere moby thank you for everything you do i love your work. But is there any way you could show us how to make a cylindrical tower

    • I’m planning a tutorial on that eventually but I’ve had so many tutorials on tower physics that I need to change it up for a few months haha. That said, supporters on Patreon get access to loads of my .blend files for cylindrical towers.

  • JDWhea

    what are all the parameters you use in a plank?

    • You can see the dimensions of my planks in my YouTube video tutorial about KEVA simulations 🙂