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Sphere Panoramas

I have been making sphere panoramas with a new android update, which I will be posting here as I make them. Feel free to use them as long as you credit this blog:

Leake Street, authorised graffiti tunnel in London:

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  • Are you going to carry on making these?

    • When I get the time! My current phone has a higher resolution camera so future ones should be better than these. Have you had a look at

      • Great! Keep this blog up. I learned some cool stuff especially with the futuristic neon look. Also thanks for the link! And also, to use your panorama in my own projects do I just have to credit you? Is this maybe put under a certain licence?

        • CC-BY. Just include my name ‘Moby Motion’ and link to my blog please. I’d love to see what you come up with

  • john

    What phone do you use currently?

    • Galaxy S6, I just haven’t had time to make these :/