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Title Sequence – Falling Balls

This was quite an interesting project to work on! I originally had this idea where “Moby Motion” is shown against a plain background, before it’s then obscured by falling ball, which then leads into my video.

My first test was promising, but seemed to lack something. The materials were a bit too grey, and the balls were too big. I got a lot of very useful from the /r/simulated community which I’m very grateful for!

Since then I’ve made a good amount of progress, and I’m happy to present something that’s almost finished and ready to be used as an intro. I made the balls smaller and added some variation to make them interact in a more chaotic way. I also slightly added some sideways gravity (going into the back plate) to help the balls come in as a steady stream, instead of randomly from out of frame. This, along with many minor changes like a change in material, are what led to this:

This isn’t completely a final render yet, so criticisms are still welcome. But it’s close enough that I wanted to share it, along with a .blend file in case anyone finds it useful :). There’s also an unbaked version of the file, which you can download until the blendswap file is approved.

UPDATE: Following critique from the /r/blender and /r/simulated blender communities, I’ve made an updated version where the title rises out of the balls instead of getting hidden by them. Here’s the blendswap full, baked, file for you to download. These can take a while to get approved so here’s one you can download straight away download straight away, but you will have to bake the physics yourself. The HDRI that’s packed with this version is from Greg Zaal’s set.

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